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Orthodontic Retainers

  Retainers are a removable type of orthodontics commonly used to hold a patient's teeth in position usually after braces have been removed.
The retainer is made from a mold made of the patient's teeth and designed to fit snugly on the teeth. The retainer keeps teeth in place, limiting unwanted movement while allowing the teeth and gums to grow and adjust.
Many patients must wear a retainer at all times except when eating, while others only wear the device at night while they sleep.

Retainer Types

Fixed retainers are sometime referred to as "permanent retainers". To call these retainers permanent is truly a misnomer.

Fixed retainers are typically maintained for several years. Such retainers are especially adept at maintaining closure of dental spaces or where an open bite skeletal or dental situation is a concern.

A fixed retainer introduces a significant oral hygiene impairment that requires

  dditional meticulous daily oral hygiene measures and additional scrutiny by the family dentist and/or the hygienist. Without diligent daily care and periodic checkups with your dentist the retainers can exacerbate the accumulation of plaque and calculus and greatly elevate the risk of forming cavities and periodontal disease that if untreated could lead to tooth loss.
Eventually the fixed retainers will either fail or either the patient or a concerned family dentist will make a request for their removal.

The patient then faces the same retention dilemma that they did at the time that the braces were initially removed. Some form of retainer wear is necessary indefinitely even if only on a periodic basis. Removable retainers worn part time may then be fabricated.
Retention time
  First 2 months you must wear retainers for 24 hours per day.
Second 4 monthsyou must wear retainers for every night (at least 8 hours).
For at least 8 yearsyou must wear retainers every other night.

Basic Rules

Wear the retainers as instructed exactly otherwise your teeth will move to undesirable positions.
Must remove retainers during the mealtime.
Always keep them in the retainer case to avoid losing and misshaping.
Clean your retainer with toothbrush and toothpaste each time you brush your teeth
Must use denture cleaner tablet for cleaning your retainers once a week.
Call our office right away if you break or lose retainers.
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