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Your first visit will take approximately 40 minutes. If you are on time for your appointment, you will be seen promptly because your time is as valuable as ours.
Upon arrival to our office, you will be welcomed by our patient coordinator. She will gather the completed patient information form, dental insurance details, and any other pertinent information. You will then be guided to our initial consultation room. Dr. Kwak will then meet with you and perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination. Some of the things that Dr. Kwak will be evaluating at this appointment include:
  What your main concerns are
  The alignment of your teeth
  The cosmetic appearance of your smile
  Overall facial harmony
  How your bite comes together
  How your jaws are aligned
  How your teeth function during chewing movements
  The health of your gums

After the examination Dr. Kwak will share his findings and discuss treatment options with you. You are encouraged to ask any questions regarding the diagnosis and treatment options.
After all your questions about your treatment have been answered, you will meet with our patient coordinator again. Our patient coordinator will review Dr. Kwak's treatment findings and, if orthodontic treatment is indicated, discuss financial arrangements. Then she will explain about the flow of treatment process and schedule your next appointment.
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